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These free tools can strenthen your content for social media

Scenario: You just received your Dropbox folder full of gorgeous photos and that new video you had produced that you spent many months conceptualizing, and now that you have the digital assets in hand, you aren't sure what to do next. What you do know is you will have to be creative and intentional to compete for the elusive attention spans of your social media followers.

In this post, we recommend some of the most user-friendly tools to strengthen your social media posts with your latest photos and videos. Whether you rarely post to social media or you are a content expert, these tools will help you keep your posts fresh while maintaining your brand.

#1: Download Canva

Need a quick graphic? Download the app, Canva, or utilize their desktop application. Both are free. Canva has hundreds of templates to create fast and creative graphics, with templates available in different sizes to match your digital marketing needs.

If you only have space for one creative app on your phone, you should choose Canva. Need your Instagram story to include multiple photos while maintaining aesthetics? All you have to do is click on a template, customize it to fit your company's branding, throw your photos on it, and voila! You are all set to post.

Tip: Including a mix of graphics and photos is a great way to catch your followers' attention as images communicate faster and keep readers around.

#2: Download Lightroom mobile

For all your photo editing needs, download Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom is the perfect app to edit your photos in a pinch. Create your own preset and have fun with your settings; the Lightroom app is an excellent tool for beginners and experts alike. Unclear about how to begin editing your photos? Lightroom has an auto-option that flatters almost any image with just one click.

The free version of Lightroom has limited mobile features, but it is still a great tool to edit your photos on the go and it offers social media settings to upload right to your preferred platforms, right from the app.

Tip: Only use the Lightroom mobile app since it has a free version. If you are willing to splurge, look into downloading the Lightroom desktop application.

#3: Adjust your Camera Settings

Need to take a real-time photo to support your scheduled content? Check to make sure the camera settings on your phone are properly calibrated to ensure you are creating eye-catching supplementary images. The default setting is always a good starting point for the more novice photographers.

For iPhone users, head to your settings and click on "Camera." When in the setting, click on "Formats" and check "High Efficiency" to get the best resolution. Additionally, in the "Record Video" setting, make sure it is set to record in the highest quality; in an iPhone X, that setting is "4K at 60 fps." Lastly, in the "Record Slo-mo" setting, check off the highest quality; it is "1080p HD at 240 fps in an iPhone X."

For Android users, head to your camera's settings and click on "Higher Resolution" to guarantee you can capture high-quality videos and photos.

Checking your camera settings is essential to ensuring that your real-time photos and video are at their highest performance qualities.

Tip: Make sure you have enough storage available on your phone for those photos and videos.

Creating posts for social media doesn't have to be difficult, starting with any one of the above tips will set you on the right track to creating the social media content that is adaptive to current trends while building out your social media calendar.

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