NSG commandos get weaponized kamikaze drones to up their warfare game

International Vortex UAS has collaborated with NSG for developing Kamikaze drone | Photo: Kamaljit Sandhu

Kamikaze drones have now been added to the arsenal of Black Cat commandos.

Kamikazes were Japanese pilots who went on suicide missions during World War II. Kamikaze aircraft were pilot-guided explosive missiles where the pilots would attempt to crash their aircraft, laden with explosives, bombs, torpedoes and full fuel tanks, into the enemy ships.


The Make in India kamikaze drone is a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). With its induction National Security Guard (NSG) will be looking at zero loss of Black Cat lives.

On Tuesday (October 16), the drone was unveiled in a live demonstration during the 34th Raising Day of the NSG in Manesar, Haryana. The twin kamikaze drone can be a potential game-changer. The weaponized UAV can reach terrorists holed up in a building and also save the lives of the commandos.

Built indigenously by an Indian company Vortex UAS as a set of two drones; the first drone carries explosives to break the window. This helps gaining access to the building.

The second drone carries a detonator which could explode and neutralize the terrorists. The suicide drone can self-explode. The drone is customizable and the commandos can also configure it for other types of actions.


"We have introduced weaponized drones as part of our bid to make technology up-gradation. Technocrats and start-up entrepreneurs under Skill India initiative have been roped in for the project as safety is paramount in counter terror operations."

- Director General (DG) NSG Sudeep Lakhtakiya

The cost of a drone is Rs 1.5 lakh and the NSG already has four in their bag. Two of them have already been successfully tested. Besides suicide attacks, these drones can also be used for surveillance and communication.

Apart from the kamikaze drone, NSG has also procured Black Hornet Nano, which is the world's smallest military drone, and a 38 mm weaponised drone.


International Vortex UAS has collaborated with the NSG for developing kamikaze drone.

"We have indigenous technology where we do the aerodynamic flowchart and look into optimal functioning, and about explosive load, the drone can be taken to places as the drones can be controlled by trans [transmitter] receiver (sic)."

- Milind Kulshreshtha Head

The commercial drones do not carry propellers or batteries. The technology upgrade also coincides with the 10th anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. The company is said to be making drones for the Northern Command, the testing of which has already been done in the Leh region in Jammu and Kashmir.


The Black Hornet Nano is the world's smallest military drone. It is currently in use by the NSG. Used by the US armed forces, the micro UAV can spot targets, send visuals of locations from the air and also can self-destruct.

A US Marine shows off a Grp I UAS Black Hornet Drone | Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

Grenade-dropping 38 mm drone is a weaponised little bird which can shoot on command.

The elite commando force has armed its commandos with an indigenously made 'munition launcher system' which can carry a pair of 38 mm grenades to stealthily drop grenades in enemy territory. This is all done with the help of an in-built camera.

A 3-D 'see through wall radar' is also ready to be used by the NSG. The state-of-the-art equipment gives pictures from across a 20-metre thick wall with an 80-degree field of view.


"There is always threat of terror attacks, but the NSG is always constantly updating itself and is always on forefront of technological up-gradation."

- Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh

The NSG has also acquired remote-operated vehicle (ROV) which can carry 150 kg of improvised explosive device (IED) or carry chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear material.

The Black Cat commandos, known to be the lean and mean machines, now have smart weapons and equipment to deal with a terror attack. The NSG hinted that any attack in Srinagar may see the NSG taking part in operations where it will show its superior strength by the use of latest technology.

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