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Equipping Law Enforcement in South Texas and along the Coastal Bend with First Rate Drone Technology

Updated: Mar 30

For years now, drone enthusiasts have been validating drone technology with reports of this cutting edge system advancing workflow efficiencies across industries, and in recent years, law enforcement and first responders have found ways to use them in their day-to-day operations. Adam, our CEO/Creative Director and resident drone expert fondly tell the story of the first time he strapped a camera to a toy plane as an 8-year-old, and ever since then, he has been obsessing over drone technology and getting that technology into the right hands. 

From the outset, drones have been poised to transform law enforcement operations at a level not seen since the introduction of body-worn cameras. From accident reconstruction to search and rescue, drones provide a degree of accuracy and utility that was once only imagined by writers and directors of spy thrillers. Now, 10 years after the introduction of the first commercial drones, police departments in large cities and sheriff departments in rural, small-town counties are adding this relatively low-cost expense to their operations budgets.

As of the writing of this blog, there are almost 350 law enforcement agencies in at least 43 U.S. states who have incorporated drones into their field mission operations; deploying their drones for search and rescue, active shooter events, border surveillance, crime scene analysis, crowd monitoring, and public safety communications. Perhaps most notably, during times of crisis, drones can assist law enforcement without endangering those on the front lines. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, drone manufacturer DJI launched a disaster relief program, sending 100 drones to first responder agencies across 22 states.

We became a specialized drone dealer in Texas, in part, because we knew the technology would be masterfully effective for law enforcement, and thanks to the communication between the law enforcement offices in neighboring counties, we have worked with sheriff departments throughout South Texas and along the Texas Coastal Bend, providing them with the most reliable drone equipment on the market.

As an authorized dealer and preferred vendor of FLIR®, we offer the best American-made thermal sensors on the market, and we are proud to provide this technology to industries requiring a high level of infrared thermography. We are also authorized to sell DJI's expansive line of products, including the versatile Mavic 2 Enterprise series and the durable, high-performance Matrice 200 series. We provide the very best drone systems to meet the needs of public safety departments by offering off-the-shelf solutions and in some cases, custom-built solutions. 

Unlike most drone vendors, our FAA registered and certified drone pilots personally deliver your drone equipment to your office and train your first responders on how to use the equipment safely and efficiently. We do everything we can to help your team get acquainted with the drone systems and ensure that the public safety officers assigned to the drones are properly trained.

Additionally, we will guide your public safety officers through the FAA procedures and regulations with a comprehensive four hour training that covers standard FAA rules of operation with emphasis on safety, and procedures for pre-flight and post-flight actions. If your team needs to acquire their remote pilot certification, we can also provide a practice manual and study session to prepare them for the FAA's Part 107 exam. 

If you are interested in buying a drone, building up your fleet with multiple drones and accessories, or requesting a part 107 exam study session, email sales@whiteclouddrones.com and one of our drone experts will work with you to get you up and flying soon.

Safe and smart flying out there! 

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