Drone Services for Today's Golf Course Agronomic Management

The Value of UAVs

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing the turf industry, introducing golf course superintendents to never before seen course data and actionable analysis.

Through the use of UAVs, users can identify areas of plant stress that can’t be seen with the naked eye, in addition to browning or yellowing of turf.

Aerial imagery also provides insights into water distribution patterns, identifying specific areas where water applications can be reduced while maintaining healthy turf, aesthetics, and improving playability.

· Map Course Features

Produce current maps and 3D renderings of courses, allowing golf course superintendents to see overall course health and areas of turf stress. Utilizing easy-to-use tools, superintendents and maintenance crews can monitor all course features, equipment and areas of interest—from sprinkler heads to turf stress.

· Identify Areas of Concern

Easily detect areas of stress and seek opportunities for water use reduction. These areas are presented by a specialized software platform are highlighted for management review.

· Identify Areas of Significant Stress

Recognizing areas with high stress provides you and your team with valuable information to take action. Aerial image analysis detects stress not yet visible to the human eye.

· Track Problem Areas and Treatment Progress

Diagnose and monitor areas of stress from flight to flight. Our specialized software platform presents and highlights these areas for management review.

· Pinpoint Areas of Interest with Unmatched Precision

Track problem areas, assign follow-up tasks to maintenance crew members, and monitor progress over time.

· Transform Aerial Imagery in Actionable Data

Our specialized application tracks areas of stress from flight to flight. This data is included in detailed reports showing turf health and aesthetic progress. Detailed analysis subscriptions keep you up-to-date on turf health and improvement progress on your desktop or mobile device.

· Progress by Location

Track specific turf problems such as yellowing/browning spots and watering issues. Monitor each critical area over time to show reductions in turf browning and water use.

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Become a water conservation champion with White Cloud Drones

Become a Water Conservation Champion

Create a water conservation strategy that identifies specific areas where water applications can be reduced or reallocated. Measure progress towards you water plan and make improvements to continue optimizing water applications. The Turf Stewardship Program promotes healthy turf management while maximizing water use efficiency. Proudly share your club’s commitment to water stewardship planning and reduction efforts by sharing a detailed course management report with:

o Membership

o Green Committees

o Board of Directors

o Water Districts

o Local Media

o Adjoining Homeowners and HOAs

o Club Marketing Efforts

Why Choose White Cloud Drones?

o High-performance UAV platforms

o Actionable data and intuitive software tools

o Trained aircraft operators

o FAA commercially approved operations

o High value insurance policy

Georeferenced HDVI imagery helps direct spray equipment, staff and other resources to targeted areas. Custom packages can be designed to meet the specific needs of your course.

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