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White Cloud Drones was established in 2016 to offer a range of evolving UAV/drone services to industries seeking safer, more reliable, and affordable solutions to their workflow processes. 


Our very first client was Spurs Sports & Entertainment, who asked us to provide a unique perspective from the air. Shortly after that, CPS Energy contracted White Cloud Drones to provide inspection data (images) to transmission linemen unable to access towers, grids, and power lines completely encroached by overgrown vegetation. 

Since then, our client projects have evolved to include everything from aerial inspections of solar panel installations and tracking large-scale construction progress, to marketing videos and photography for commercial real estate, and full-service media productions for local businesses and non-profits wanting to incorporate dynamic storytelling into their marketing strategy. 


Every once in a while, we even get inquiries to use our thermal (FLIR) cameras for search and rescue (SAR) missions assisting law enforcement agencies and first responders, as well as ranch owners interested in searching for misplaced livestock.


You can get in touch with our team at info@whiteclouddrones.com. We hope to be talking with you soon. 



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White Cloud Drones is an FAA certified and registered UAV/drone company that boasts a diverse set of products and services engineered to assist industries with photo, video, and analysis solutions. 

Additionally, our media team White Cloud Media Group provides full-scale media production to accommodate aerial photography and videography. White Cloud Media Group provides cinema-grade quality to clients such as the San Antonio Spurs, BBC and UK's Channel 4. 



White Cloud Drones is an authorized distributor of FLIR® thermal systems and HPRC®  custom protective cases. White Cloud Drones also works directly with the largest drone retailer in North America offering the very best and latest in drone technology.


In most cases, we are able to offer discounts, deals, and custom bundles to help save you money and time. 

Contact our sales team to request your custom quote. Whether you need a drone, drone accessories, or help operating your drone, we are happy to assist you.



White Cloud Drones provides first responders and law enforcement authorities with top-tier ISR services, search and rescue, and infrared imaging services. As a FLIR® dealer for the most reliable UAV brands, we are able to equip any department or office with the tools they need to protect and serve their community.

Our specialists are ready to assist in your UAV/drone- related endeavor, and thermal solutions are one of our premier services and products. Contact our sales team to get a custom quote on your next drone-related project.


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