Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our creative services or drone services? Here are the most commonly asked questions and our answers. 
Creative Services

What are your rates for your video services?

Rates are generally quoted based on the amount of production (hours for the shoot) and post-production (length of the final video).   


For a quote on your next project, email


What should I know about my project before requesting a quote?

We recommend you understand the type of video you want to create, what your budget is, and your deadline. Not sure what your project will require? We are happy to discuss your next project needs.  


How many edits/revisions are included in your production package? 

You will receive two rounds of revisions with every project. We call it the Rough-Cut and the Final-Cut. If for any reason additional revisions are necessary, there is an additional revision fee.


What do your post-production services include?

Our standard post-production services include video editing, color correction, audio engineering, music licensing, basic graphics, and text. 


Do you offer graphic design, animation, and narration services?

Yes, we work with a network of creatives and voice talent actors on the productions that require these services.


How long will you keep my production files?​

White Cloud will keep raw and final files on our servers for up to 3 months.


What are your rates for photography services?

We charge by the hour and number of edited photos requested.


Do you travel for work outside of San Antonio?

Yes, we travel throughout Texas, the United States, and internationally.


Do you charge extra for travel?

Yes, travel is a separate charge and includes fuel, transportation, and accommodations where applicable. ​

Drones Services

Are your drone pilots certified/licensed?  

Our drone pilots are Part 107 FAA certified and registered, and we provide their individual credentials prior to the start of a project. Additionally, if the location you’re requesting is in a specific Class of Airspace that requires authorization, we will provide all necessary documentation (flight plan, authorization documents, etc) ahead of time.


Are your drone pilots and photographers insured?

We carry a $1 million dollar unaggregated aviation insurance policy.


What kind of drone services do you provide?

We offer aerial photography, videography, construction tracking, inspection, and asset mapping.  


What are your rates for your drone services? 

Our rates are based on the scope of work and turnaround time of each project. To request a quote email


Can you fly at night legally? 

Yes, we do hold a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization. 14 CFR § 107.29 Daylight Operation allowing us to fly in the nighttime hours. Special provisions apply when operating a drone at night and will ensure you are aware of any special requirements needed to operate safely and legally if flown at night. 


Can you fly near airports? 

It depends. Some locations and areas are completely off-limits. We can fly near most airports if we obtain the necessary legal permission, which may often require days to receive authorization. If you are unsure of the accessibility of a particular location, email ….or give us a call and we will connect with Air Traffic Control and the FAA to verify authorization. 


Can I get just one photo?

Our aerial photography rates are by the hour but if you are looking for a particular shot, we can get multiple heights and angles of the same shot during the flight.


What is your turnaround time on drone services?

Turnaround time depends on the scope of work but for small to medium size aerial projects, we can typically deliver the final product within 3 business days. 


What is the best weather for drone services?

Wind speed below 10mph. 10+ visibility. Dry. 


Do you travel for work outside of San Antonio?

Yes, we travel throughout Texas, the United States, and internationally.


Do you charge extra for travel?

Yes, travel is a separate charge and includes fuel, transportation, and accommodations where applicable


Do you sell drone equipment?

We do! We are an authorized distributor of all UAV FLIR equipment, HPRC hard cases, and Blue Vigil UAV tether solutions. We are also a partner dealer for Drone Nerds. Between all of these suppliers, we can virtually offer all UAV related products at a discounted price. ​


Do you repair drone equipment?

It depends on what kind of repair is needed. Currently, due to the Pandemic, we are unable to service any drones physically. However, if there is a way for us to service, repair, or provide consultation services over the phone, we’re here to help. 

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