Construction Tracking

White Cloud Drones FAA certified drone pilots have experience tracking some of San Antonio’s most high-profile downtown developments

over the past few years, including the iconic Frost Tower and The Soto.


  • Support schedule and budget management by comparing plans to progress. 

  • Survey job sites to check embankment slopes, area size, and cut-and-fill volumes.

  • Monitor job sites to spot safety hazards with aerial surveys of equipment and materials.

  • Use thermal imaging (non-invasive technology) to detect and identify anomalies hidden beneath surfaces. 

  • Tag and measure structures using high resolution bird's eye and oblique imagery.

  • Enhance project reporting and marketing content with high-resolution aerial photos and video.

Frost Tower // San Antonio, Texas

About the Project

The Frost Tower broke ground in downtown San Antonio in March 2017. White Cloud Drones was contracted by Weston Urban and KDC, the two companies tasked with the development of the construction, to document the progress on a bi-monthly basis through the completion of the building in mid-2019. White Cloud Drones provided a minimum of 25 fully edited, high-resolution aerial photos that were used for marketing assets and presentation collateral for construction leadership, investors, and potential tenant acquisition. Additionally, White Cloud Drones provided a minimum of 5 minutes of high-resolution 4K aerial video to accompany the measures taken to assess safety and security protocols.

Located at 111 W Houston Street, the Frost Tower is now an iconic addition to the San Antonio skyline. Designed by world renowned Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the tower offers 460,000 sf of Class A++ office and retail space surrounded by beautiful parks and a walkable urban environment.

The Soto // San Antonio, Texas

About the Project

The Soto is one of the most anticipated builds in downtown San Antonio. White Cloud Drones provided both ground and aerial photographs and progress videos to Structure Craft, the leading contractor in developing the mass timber portion of the construction. The photos and videos serve to document the phases of the build and provide marketing assets for their portfolio. 

Pugh Constructors // Mission Concepcion, San Antonio, Texas

About the Project

White Cloud Drones' photographer has been assisting Pugh Constructors since mid 2019 as they maintain and renovate the San Antonio Missions (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Each quarter, Pugh Constructors hires us to provide ultra high-resolution photos of each Mission. The photographs serve as at-the-moment documentation of each Mission, which is then reviewed and analyzed by the architects involved in the maintenance and renovations. 

North American Pipe Company // Harlingen, Texas

About the Project

White Cloud Drones has provided media production services to the North American Pipe Company for over 3 years. These services include video production (ground, aerial and time-lapse), photography for in-the-field efforts, and in-house product photography. In April of 2020, White Cloud Drones was hired to provide both video and photo documentation of a water pipe replacement project in Harlingen, Texas. The images and videos will be included in their marketing materials, and serve as instructional material for their new high-efficiency pipe connection products. 

Big Sun Community Solar & CPS Energy // San Antonio, Texas

About the Project

Go Smart Solar and CPS Energy have teamed up to create Big Sun Solar Community, a solar energy program with over 12 solar carport installations throughout the Bexar County area. White Cloud Drones is assisting them by providing a myriad of media production services that range from daily time-lapses to designing mail-outs and brochures. The photos and videos are frequently used as social media posts and website content to educate the community on their solar energy program.

Silverado Roofing Company // San Antonio, Texas

About the Project

Silverado Roofing contracts White Cloud Drones to provide ongoing tracking of their roofing construction progress at multiple job sites. The images keep their customers and investors up-to-date at every stage of construction and give Silverado Roofing marketing material for their advertising and portfolio presentations.

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