With over 9 years of drone flights logged and more than 20 years in media production, our team provides exceptional drone photography and 4K video to meet all of your marketing needs.


From real estate and solar energy to annual outdoor events and entertainment, our FAA registered and certified drone pilots provide first-rate aerial perspectives with a fleet of premium drones and cinema-grade cameras. 


Whether you are looking for fully produced aerial video or you just need the raw footage and photos for your team to edit, we offer competitive rates that meet almost any budget. 


Tight timeline? No problem. We will work with you to ensure the aerial project is delivered on-time. 


What’s better? You own the rights to your footage, forever.


Contact us today to get a quote on your next aerial project.


From job site progress tracking and build out monitoring, to security and job site monitoring, we will help you develop a plan to ensure the safety and security of your equipment.


White Cloud Drones can provide inspections and help you develop a drone program to inspect:

  • Telecom towers 

  • Wind turbines

  • Solar panels

  • Power lines (transmission and distribution)

  • Construction sites

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WCD - Solar Panel Inspection.jpg


We collect data using visual, thermal, hyperspectral and multispectral sensors to generate orthomosaics, 3D models, point clouds, and digital surface models. Sensor images can be stitched together producing one accurate geo-referenced image that is viewable in both 2D and 3D.

Currently, White Cloud Drones has been providing Golf Course Planners, Designers, Architects, GM's, GC's, and GCA's with aerial solutions from 1' topographical maps at an accuracy of 2-3 cm with complete course documentation and inventory of all assets (club house, trees, tees, bunkers, greens, fairways, etc.).


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White Cloud has a long history of aerial photography. Our drone operators are FAA Certified & Registered.