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White Cloud is a video production company that specializes in content creation and aerial (drone) services, including aerial photography and video, construction tracking, and a myriad of other UAV related applications. White Cloud also offers enterprise-level drone technology products, including FLIR thermal imaging cameras, HPRC protective gear, and Blue Vigil UAV Tether systems. 

Our Fleet: 

DJI M600 with Ronin MX

DJI Inspire 2 ProRes with Zenmuse X5S (12mm, 15mm & 45mm)

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Our Creator Tools: 

Canon Cameras (C200, MIV & EOS R)

Edelkrone Sliders

DJI Gimbals

Rode Microphones

Aputure Lighting

Zoom Audio Recording


White Cloud (formerly White Cloud Drones) was initially established in 2016 to offer a range of evolving UAV/drone services to industries seeking safer, more reliable, and affordable solutions to their workflow processes. 


Our very first client was Spurs Sports & Entertainment, who asked us to provide a unique perspective from the air. Shortly after that, CPS Energy contracted White Cloud to provide inspection data (images) to transmission linemen unable to access towers, grids, and power lines completely encroached by overgrown vegetation. 

Since then, our client projects have evolved to include everything from aerial inspections of solar panel installations and tracking large-scale construction progress, to marketing videos, photography, and 3D virtual tours for commercial real estate, and full-service media productions for local businesses and non-profits wanting to incorporate dynamic storytelling into their marketing strategy. 

Authorized Dealer

110 E. Houston St.

7th Floor

San Antonio, TX 78205

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